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There’s a reason bathrooms are referred to as restrooms in public places. Have you ever get back to your table in a restaurant after a quick bathroom break, feeling relaxed and happy? So why not make your home bathrooms wonderful and a bit fancy too?


Read here about the 3 absolute essential bathroom remodeling tips for your home!

A Slip-Resistant Floor

Since a bathroom is a wet place, there are more chances of slip and fall in that place. A bathroom remodel’s first focus should be on a slip-resistant floor to avoid accidents in the shower. You can easily find various inexpensive flooring options that can go with any design style. Small tiles and wide grout lines in the shower also offer friction to avoid slipping.

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is of utmost importance to set the mood for any space, especially in the bathroom. For a bathroom remodel, add different layers of lighting. This aspect can let you have a well lit bathroom in the morning, ambient spa lighting for evening baths, and medium lighting for the remaining day. The two most common elements to add are sconces and mounted fixtures to get your bathroom ready for all occasions.

Adequate Ventilation

Ventilation is that aspect of a bathroom remodel that most homeowners often tend to overlook. The truth is adequate ventilation is very important, especially if you want bathroom remodeling to last a long time. A poorly ventilated bathroom can lead to the buildup of mold and mildew. And this problem can give a major set back to your expensive upgrades, especially walls and cabinetry.



The three most important things about bathroom remodeling are budget, functionality, and essentials. By keeping in mind these three aspects and the above bathroom remodeling tips you can design a relaxing nook in your home.





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