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Your kitchen is the center of your home. As it’s dedicated to preparing food, a kicthen has to be highly functional. So, when it comes to remodeling, kitchen is one of the most important rooms. The last thing you want is something going wrong after you have made a major investment in remodeling.


Here are 3 common kitchen design mistakes to avoid!

1. Oversized Kitchen Island

A kitchen island provides working space as well as a countertop for your family to dine. People often get carried away about having the largest kitchen island.


Here, you need to remember that your kitchen island should not be longer than 10 feet and higher than 4 feet. A long island will make walk around difficult while a higher one makes reaching the middle section difficult.

2. Considering Appliances Last

When it comes to kitchen remodel details, make sure you do not pick kitchen appliances last. It’s always wise to choose your cabinets and countertop to fit your appliance. Plan accurate space for your refrigerator and dishwasher before getting other fittings in place.

3. Tight Kitchen Aisles

Another common kitchen design mistake to avoid is leaving little space for kitchen aisles. The standard space between the countertop, and the island should be 42 to 48 inches. It cannot be emphasized enough as any lesser space might make two cooks bump into each other while working.


A kitchen makeover is a major home improvement project, one you don’t want going wrong. So, make sure to avoid these above mistakes while creating your new beautiful kitchen.




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